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Vegan main course at The Gannet Glasgow

The Gannet Glasgow is a multi-award-winning restaurant in Finnieston and serves the best of Scottish produce in a minimalistic setting. On the menu, there is a lot of meat and seafood, with a particular focus on produce from the Hebrides and its coastlines. As such it might not struck you as a vegan-friendly restaurant, but they actually also offer a vegan set menu - which is exactly what I tried!

I find The Gannet to be a perfectly relaxed fine dining option, somewhere to take your parents or your boss, somewhere were everybody walks out full and satisfied.


Vegan main course at The Gannet Glasgow
Vegan salad starter at The Gannet Glasgow

I was invited to join a group of journalists who were exploring Glasgow during the European Championships in 2018. I was excited to finally try The Gannet, but I was also a little nervous about the vegan options available.

When I saw the menu, I did not really know what to make of it. In real fine dining-manner the menu only gave away some of the main ingredients of the dish - I figured I'd trust the chefs and let them surprise me. And what a positive surprise it was!

Our set menu had four courses. It started with a salad od onion, courgette, carrot and radish - four very simple ingredients, topped off with one of the best salad dressings I have ever tried. I did not think you could make such a good salad with such basic components. Next came an artichoke and mint tart - only that the artichoke was the tart, rather than pastry. Again it was lovely, and spiced up with a bit of nasturtium.

My vegan main was a lasagne-like layered vegetable tower of aubergines, courgettes, heritage tomatoes and spruce shoot. It was served with pea mash and the tastiest chantarelle mushrooms ever. For dessert I got poached berries and raspberry sorbet.

Overall, I was really surprised by the vegan menu I was served at The Gannet. It went far beyond what other restaurants come up, and I felt like I'm dining just as fine and locally sourced as my omni table partners.

LabellingThere was a separate vegan menu card on the tabele. However, make sure you book ahead and let them know about your dietary requirement.

Budget: The Gannet is an affordable fine dining restaurant - the set menu costs £35.

Last visited: August 2018

Vegan summer menu at The Gannet Glasgow.
Vegan main course at The Gannet Glasgow

Address: 1155 Argyle Street, G3 8TB Glasgow

Vegan dessert at The Gannet Glasgow

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