Mono Glasgow is an iconic pioneer in the local vegan restaurant scene. It opened back in 2002 and has ever since been dedicated to serving good food, good beer, good live music and a good atmosphere.

Part of the restaurant is a small record shop, so you can rest assured that the music in the background of your meal will only be the best. Throughout the month there is also live music in the bar, make sure to check their events calendar.

On the menu you find staples, like burgers and pizzas, but also Scottish classics which you thought you'd never eat again after your non-vegan days were over! There is also always a variety of daily specials to choose from. I'd describe the food a mix between indulging comfort food and delicious special treats!

Tom Kha soup at Mono Glasgow
Humus and Dolmades for starters at Mono Glasgow

Mono is a cafe bar, restaurant, music shop and live venue, all in one. It is a very popular restaurant, not only among the vegan community, but it was one of the first places to bring a fully vegan menu to the city.

Since my partner and I had our first date here (long before we went vegan), it is always nice to come back here and try a different dish every time. The menu is always changing (apart from a few staples), so it might look different when you visit, but believe me,you're gonna love it no matter what you order!

From the starters we have tried the Dolmades, the Humus served with a fresh salad and toasted sourdough bread, Mac & Cheese and the olives - we kind of always come back to the same choices because we love them. While I was never a huge fan of Mac & Cheese to begin with, I really enjoy this version, as it was crunchy on the top and creamy underneath.

From the mains we've tried the To-Fish & Chips, the pizzas, the Seitan schnitzel and the Tom Kha soup - and honestly, I couldn't tell you which one is my favourite. The fish & chips are a satisfying vegan substitute and hangover cure (although the chips are always a bit too greasy for my taste) and the pizzas are knockout - my favourite is the one with fennel sausage. They've done a really good job with the schnitzel - it's a great consistency and really nice and crunchy - it reminds me of the Viennese schnitzels of my childhood. If you're wanting a lighter meal, I can only recommend the Tom Kha soup - it's a coconut broth with rice noodles or brown rice, lots of veg and delicious tofu.

On other occasions, I also tried the burgers and most importantly, most of the desserts. My favourite is by far the coconut sponge which comes with lemon curd, coconut flakes and vanilla ice cream; but the raw chocolate and avocado cheesecake is also great!

Whenever we go to Mono we usually also pop by the music shop, Monorail Music, which is under the same roof as the restaurant. It's nice to browse new releases and find some old favourites in mint condition.

Budget: I would consider Mono a mid-budget restaurant - mains are between £9 and £11, desserts around £5. A meal with three courses (good luck, eating all that) and two drinks would probably be around £25-30 per person.

Mono gets really busy in the evenings - to avoid waiting time, I'd call ahead and book a table!

Last visited: August 2019

100% Vegan

Seitan schnitzel at Mono Glasgow
Tofu Fish & Chips and Spicy sausage pizza at Mono Glasgow.
The interior of Mono Glasgow.
Tofu Fish & Chips at Mono Glasgow.
Humus and Dolmades for starters at Mono Glasgow
Outdoor seating at Mono Glasgow on a sunny day.

Opening Times: Sun - Thu 11am - 11pm; Fro+Sat 11am - 1am; Kitchen 12pm - 9pm
Address: 12 Kings Court, G1 5RB Glasgow
Phone number: 0141 553 2400

A small dish of Mac & Cheese as a starter at Mono Glasgow.
The interior of Mono Glasgow.


  1. Andy Isacsson

    I agree Mono can be good ,
    I’ve found its very inconsistent food wise and the service leaves a lot to be desired .

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