Eusebi’s Deli

Roman-style pizza with aubergines and basil at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.

Eusebi's Deli is a family-owned Italian restaurant in the West End of Glasgow. Originally opened in Shettleston, in the East End of Glasgow, in 1954, the restaurant moved to the trendy neighbourhood near Glasgow Uni and Kelvingrove Park a few years ago.

Devoted to its mission of dishing up authentic home-made dishes from all over Italy, Eusebi's Deli has a seasonal menu, that changes four times a year. While they have always been happy to offer vegan options, they now also have a separate vegan menu to make choosing even easier.

Roman-style pizza with aubergines and basil at Eusebi Deli Glasgow.
A spread of vegan Italian dishes at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.

Eusebi's Deli invited a me and a friend to come along and taste our way through the vegan Spring menu, which consists of 3 starters, four mains, a few sides and snacks and one dessert option - so plenty to choose from. 

We started with a small tossed salad of greens and baby carrots, served with the restaurants own fresh olive oil. I was happy to find out that all dishes are actually cooked with high quality olive oil to ensure the best taste.

Next up, we tried two of the starter salads - a grilled baby gem salad with aubergine mint pesto and almonds, and a artichoke, mint and lemon salad. Both were absolutely delicious and perfect choices for a light lunch, paired (like in our case) with the fresh focaccia.

But we weren't in for a light lunch - we had a few more courses to get through.

Next up, came the pasta. We decided to try two different dishes; Rigatoni with a rich tomato sauce made in the traditional style of the Vesuvio region; and Bucatini Caponata, red pepper infused thick spaghetti with Sicilian aubergine Caponata. Eusebi's Deli makes all its pasta fresh in the restaurant. I actually even got the opportunity to peek behind the deli counter, speak to the chef about how he makes the roast pepper infused spaghetti and see the difference between the pasta they make with and without eggs. But back to the pasta on our plates. The tomato pasta was brilliant, but I have never tasted a pasta dish as good as the Bucatini Caponata - if you want to have your mind blown, try that.

We also tried the pizza, which is served Roman-style, meaning in the shape of a rectangle and not round. It's topped with grilled aubergines and basil and tasted delicious.

Finally, as if we really could fit anything more, we shared the vegan dessert on the menu, a coconut and lemon rice pudding with a burnt sugar topping, resembling a creme brûlée.

At the end of my visit, Giovanna, who runs Eusebi's Deli, takes me behind the counter again and tells me her story. Before moving to the West End, it was her and her mother standing in the kitchen at the old Deli in Shettleston. All the dishes on the menu are based on authentic Italian dishes Giovanna has tried and learnt to make back home in Italy. As a child Giovanna spent many summers with her farmer grandparents in the south of Italy, learning everything about growing, sourcing and cooking the best Italian ingredients. It's that spirit she wants to capture at Eusebi's Deli, and create a connection between farms across Italy and the people who eat at her restaurant in Glasgow. 

LabellingWith the separate vegan menu it is really easy to order freely without having to worry about ingredients. However, if you spot anything on the regular menu that you'd be interested in but want it veganised, just ask your waiter!

Budget: Everything at Eusebi Deli's is freshly made, with hand-selected Italian or locally sourced ingredients - considering that the prices are great value. Vegan starters begin at £6, with the Focaccia priced at £5; mains begin at £11.

Last visited: June 2019

Grilled baby gem salad at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.
Coconut and lemon rice pudding with burnt sugar topping at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.
Prosecco at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.
Vegan pasta dishes at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.
Bucatini Caponata at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.
Artichoke, mint and lemon salad at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.
Focaccia at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.
The exterior of Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.

Address: 152 Park Rd, Glasgow G4 9HB
Mon – Sat: 8am – 10pm, Sunday: 9am – 10pm

Rigatoni with tomato sauce at Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.
Interior of Eusebi Deli in Glasgow.

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