Bath St Burger

Vegan burgers, hotdogs and salad at Bath St Burger Glasgow

Bath St Burger is a brilliant burger joint in the city centre of Glasgow, adding a fresh spin to the well-established vegan burger landscape in the city. The vegan options on the menu have been developed by the chefs of the restaurant and really meet all the expectations you'd have for a vegan-friendly omni restaurant.

Vegan burger at Bath St Burger Glasgow
Burgers, hotdogs and salad at Bath St Burger Glasgow

If there is one kind of food Glasgow's city centre is not shy off, it is burgers! There are so many burger restaurants to choose from, it can be easy to brush them all off as doing the same or similar things - and that might be the case for meat burgers - but when it comes to vegan  burgers, there is a great variety of ingredients kicking about. That's why I love eating out at burger places and trying all the different patties and combinations. I always discover something new.

Thomas and I were invited along to try the new vegan menu at Bath St Burger, a burger joint on Bath Street near Sauchiehall Street. And of course, we said yes!

Bath St Burger stands out from many other burger places in Glasgow, simply because of its location, which is conveniently located near the top of Buchanan Street, nearby many of my favourite pubs and in the heart of the style mile, which makes it a great pre-night out eatery or a stop for refreshments on a shopping day.

The new vegan menu was launched to celebrate Veganuary and restaurant manager Gregor told us with excitement about tasting all kinds of vegan patties with the chefs and deciding on creative combinations of flavours and ingredients. Chatting to him, we could really tell that having a satisfying menu for vegan customers was a genuine concern, and we thought that reflects in the menu choices. It is nice not to feel like an afterthought, as vegan do in so many other places, but rather an integral inspiration for a unique and different menu.

Eating at Bath St Burger was our first experience with burger patties from Moving Mountains Foods, which is a British company that specialises in creating burgers that would blow away any meat-eater who tried them. Their patties are made from pretty much any source of protein you can think of (mushrooms, wheat, soy and pea protein) and they look a lot like meat. We appreciate that that might not be for everyone, but Thomas and I loved the taste and the texture of the patties in the burgers. Bath St Burger bcurrently uses these patties in both of their vegan burgers.

Together, we tried both burgers - the Graffiti Vegan with lettuce, tomato and onion, and the Earth Wind & Fire which comes with pulled jackfruit chilli, smoked vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos and red onion. My personal favourite was the Graffiti Vegan. It was the perfect homage to an American classic. Both burgers are served on a pretzel bun, which is soft and chewy, but did not get soggy at all. It maintained its consistency, even with the tomato juice, vegannaise and chilli, and did not fall apart. All thumbs up for a burger you can eat with your hands!

We also tried the vegan Jackfruit Chill Dog, which was delicious. The gherkin-carrot relish, in particular, packed a taste punch. Finally, we opted for the sharable Le Freak salad, a mix of cauliflower, freekeh wheat, crispy kale, pomegranate and pumpkin seeds, sumac and a tahini dressing. SO good!

One thing, we wanted to mention is the interior of the restaurant, which is super cool and gives off 70s New York vibes. This was definitely not our last meal at Bath St Burger!


Vegan main dishes and sharables on the menu are labelled with a V-shaped plant. The chips were not labelled, but a member of staff was happy to double-check for us with the kitchen (- they were also vegan).

Vegan Options:

There are two vegan burgers, two vegan hot dogs and one vegan salad, which is listed on the menu under 'Sharables'.

On the menu, you will also find vegan milkshakes and several vegan-friendly Brewdog beers!


Bath St Burger is a low to mid-range budget option - burgers start at £8.45, hot dogs at £5.99. Chips are not included, but portions are big enough to share.

Last visited: January 2019

Address: 22 Bath St, Glasgow G2 1HB

The bar at Bath St Burger Glasgow
Music corner at Bath St Burger Glasgow
Vegan salad at Bath St Burger Glasgow
Bath St Burger Glasgow
Vegan burgers, hotdogs and salad at Bath St Burger Glasgow
The menu at Bath St Burger Glasgow
Vegan burgers, hotdogs and salad at Bath St Burger Glasgow
Vegan burger at Bath St Burger Glasgow
Vegan hot dog at Bath St Burger Glasgow

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